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KYO-NICHI Quality, Persistent Inheritance

Leading Innovation And Cooperating To Create A Better And More原-总经理.jpg    

KYO-NICHI starts from a red bean to take root and solid growth in China. We based  in China, the world, common growing together with our cooperators, hand in  hand to create "Safety", "Stability" and "Security" foods for 30years.

We thanks  and cherished every grain of raw materials, and every product. We  thanks and cherished the efforts of all the cooperators who the farmers, suppliers, employees, customers and Etc. "Start from small things, start from small action, perseverance-love to each piece of red bean" is the entrepreneur's insistence, is the origin of the food creation of KYO-NICHI, they motivate and train KYO-NICHI people. "To bring someone where he is before doing food", "To be an excellent food professional people' , "No matter where a grain of red beans in the world, it must be together with happy smile" which is the pride of KYO-NICHI people.

The entrepreneur's perseverance and love hold up the KYO-NICHI people. Under this incentive, KYO-NICHI people would grow stronger. [KYO-NICHI quality] which full contains the "Meticulous, Diligence, love" would be persistent inherited.

KYO NICHI fillings and natural seasonings, as the foundation and core of the food industry, we would be more to lead innovation, to create a more solid and better future with our customers.