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KYO-NICHI TODAI FOODS CO.,LTD. was established n 1987, It is the overall ren bean paste manufacturer (ANKO)that invested in CHINA. Farm products such as various beans, yams, vegetable and fruits are processed to paste. It is the world's largest ren bean manufacturer (ANKO)enterprise now, and 70,000 tons can be produced during year. It has good selling it in China and exports to the over 20 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Our products are using various items for confectionery, bakery, ice cream, frozen food, snacks and restaurants.

「Environmental friendship type」and 「Resource saving type 」factory

The factory is located in NIULANSHAN TOWN, SHUNYI DISTRICT, BEIJING that has a good quality head of a ricer and an excellent environment. Our factory is characterized in the「Environmental friendship type」and 「Resource saving type」,The products of KYONICHI guarantees a safe quality based on Production environment, Living environment, Duty environment, and Natural environment. It also can develop that person, natural, and practices on our society.

To defend natural environment around the factory, we provide with advanced equipment and established the administered sewage processing center.After processing the water quality is higher than the standard of general water. The processed water is used for fire fighting and the green.Therefore it can achieve the recycling of water.

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From the farm to delivery, By thorough 「MAEKANRI 」achieved Food's Safety, Stability and Security

KYO-NICHI's foodprocessing in China has an original food system connecting with "Agriculture" to "Food". "Understanding" "Preparing" "Confirming" "Performing" under MAEKANRI, confirmed the unique traceability system and keep practice it.

Promotion of foods professional, Producing safety & stability & security foods, Recycling of resource, Cleanness and Virtue, Cooperator, Human and Nature, Social and Cooperated development···

Systematic and detailed 「MAEKANRI 」is a quality assurance of the KYO-NICHI product

Food system connected with "agriculture" and "food", it relates to all the processes and the relating subjects. Not after preparation, the MAKEANRI-Management of preparation-is the best way to warrant the quality. MAEKANRI is under the「Understanding, Preparing, Confirming, Acting 」and KYONICHI keeps making an original system of the tracer ability, and practicing it. It is also an element that persists in the FSSC22000, and the food safety management system.


Openhearted space

Reception room, dining room, office, production site and visitor passage are all glazed and openhearted. Therefore all employees can communicate to each other easily. On the other hand, employees can have consideration in all actions and they can work with consciousness.

Lecture room

Lecture room can accommodate 550 people. It can hold employee education and the lecture meeting.

Employee’s health care, custom on hygiene side and life side Staff’s canteen where can hold education lecture.

One of the features of 「KYO-NICHI」is staff’s canteen. The staff’s canteen concept that 「all employee works easily」. We make effort on it. Therefore, the staff’s canteen sets up the entrance hall soon in the next. The employee can appreciate scenery through the window where the garden is wonderful while eating.