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KYO-NICHI industrialized production of traditional bean paste in China, 

Kyo-nichi is also the pioneer of Japanese bean paste factory.

Can bean paste be produced in large quantities?

How about the quality of industrial production?

30 years ago, it was considered absolutely impossible.

Inherit tradition, challenge and innovate, make impossible to reality, that’s KYO-NICHI.  

Today, the annual production of kyo-nichi bean paste can reach 70,000 MT with safety, stability, Security quality. Safety quality 365 days as one whatever for large enterprises or individual consumer, Kyo-nichi products are deeply trusted and loved by people all over the world.

Kyo-nichi industrialized the production of traditional food bean paste in China. In fact, Kyo-nichi is also pioneer of Japanese bean paste industry.

Red bean, bean paste is the traditional food in China, Japan and other Asian countries. After a long history, today, it is still an important food in people's life, celebrating birth, wishing for a long life, praying for peace, memorizing ancestors…… Mid-Autumn Festival, Winter Solstice, Laba Festival and all kinds of festivals, red beans accompany people all their lives

Therefore, making bean paste was an important working in the family. Family production of bean paste, need to buy beans, pick out bad beans, impurities, wash beans, soak in advance soft, boiled beans, it takes long time, but also difficult to boil uniformly. Thirty years ago, although there were red beans processed in Japan, it was also called "Bean paste House". As its name implies, it was a small family-style handicraft workshop. Bean paste is manufactured by hand, which not only takes long time and less output, but also unstable quality.

It is very difficult to produce large quantities of bean paste with good and stable quality. The color, size, thickness of skin, aroma and nutrition, water absorption of beans are different it’s difficult to cook uniformly, The beans will be too hard or too soft if cooked not thorough or too much. Water quality is more important, even if good water quality has different tastes because of different temperature.Handcrafting can be adjusted at any time, but automation can not, so the challenge started 30 years ago in Kyo-nichi was also considered heretical in Japan, It is considered absolutely impossible to produce large quantities of good quality bean paste.

The challenge and efforts of Kyo-nichi began with the cultivation of red bean to ensure the good and consistency quality so that produce good quality, safety, stability bean paste under the condition of industrialized mass production.

▋Beginning with raw material bases establishment, farmer planting guidance总经理农地.jpg

Why is there inconsistency in quality in mass production of bean paste? First of all, the quality of raw beans is inconsistent. Why is the quality of raw bean different? Due to the planting methods difference, management lack of bean. Why is there a problem in the management of Bean planting? Generally, bean planting is scattered in China, Most of bean are planted independently by farmers without any guidance. At that time, breed improvement was relatively backward, and there were also quality degradation and poor management, such as unscientific drying and storage method and so on. Therefore, in order to produce products with stable quality, Kyo-nichi should start from raw material base and farmers guidance.

▋Before arriving at the factory from the farm会长与农民.jpg

Red bean should be primary selected, remove the impurities such as stones mixed in beans, and then hand-selected by farmers to reduce the impurities in beans. The beans selected by the farm are packed in special plastic bags marked with the name, number and date of the producer, so as to make the products traceable. Once the product quality problems occur, through continuous numbering, we can analyze the causes of quality problems, so as to improve and avoid the recurrence of problems.

▋Bean Selection Workshop in the Factory会长与员工.jpg

Transport (transport vehicles should be cleaned, in case the beans are contaminated) to the factory safely, and the beans that have passed the inspection are stored in the warehouse. The warehouse must have good ventilation facilities. Beans couldn’t be stored for a long time, it must be processed within a certain period of time. In the factory bean sorting workshop, after many mechanical sorting, the final procedure is still to be manually confirmed by employees.

As above, the systematic management of various links from farmland is the premise and necessity to realize the industrialization of traditional food and the quality of Kyo-nichi.

More systematic and meticulous management from farmland.

In all links of the food safety system, the management of time, temperature, measurement and sequence is the key point. Complete and effective form design, record, analysis and traceability can ensure the quality safety and stability of Kyo-nichi products even if industrial production